Casino Cheating Methods

All actions that involve cheating are banned at the casinos, however, there are lots of examples of gaming cheats which were applied by tricksters. Cheating is illegal practice and calls to criminal responsibility. Under Nevada law, gambling cheating is a crime. In other states or countries there might not be the law dealing with casino cheating however every forbidden action at the casinos is considered to be fraud.

There exist many advantage strategies and methods that are not cheats and are allowed by the casino policies. For instance, these days blackjack card counting is legal system at most casinos, nonetheless, some of them don not welcome players who count cards. Below we describe] the most popular advanced systems which were invented by the players at all times. Do not think that we encourage you to cheat and the following information is only the additional data which you can be entertaining.

Advanced Cheating

Pasposting is very popular technique used by the gamblers at all casino games after the results are known. The player who wants to use this technique has to replace imperceptibly the small chip with the larger chip to get profit.

Hand mucking is very popular technique which needs much practice and is easy to be revealed. The gambler simply exchanges some cards in the hand with the ones that have been previously hidden in the sleeve.

Some of the players use different techniques to mark the cards during the game. It can be done by marking the particular cards in advance and this involves the help from outside, from the dealer. Sometimes the con men manage to leave the small marks on the playing cards even during the game by banding and scratching them. It has to be done very carefully.

At the casino games in which the players participate in the shuffling and dealing the deck, it is practiced to make the false deals. All you need is to study to deal the selected card from the top or bottom of the deck and make the false cut.

Additionally, at poker the tricksters prefer to play in the team and thus they can easily cheat the others by signaling to one another the values of the cards. In case there are not attentive or just not watchful players at the game it is even possible to watch the cards of other players.

Casino Protection

As you may understand, most and to tell the truth all casino cheating techniques can be easily revealed by the casino security team that does all possible to protect the casino owners from the money losses caused by cheating. All the dealers usually follow the special rules of shuffling and dealing and use the standard gestures. This training prevents the staff from making the fake deals and encouraging the con men. In addition, at all modern land casino halls you will be able to spot a great number of surveillance cameras also named the "eyes in the sky" which follow everything at the tables. All the gambling halls are prepared to protect their funds!