General Casino Rules

You are mistaken if think that all you need to gamble is to know the game rules. When you wish to play at the casino you must remember that any casino game involves other people that's why you must apply special etiquette rules in order not to get into trouble or look bad-mannered. Let's look through the basic rules of gaming etiquette which are compulsory at all games.


  • Never touch the chips on the blackjack table after you made the bet.
  • If you wish to Stand or Hit use the special signals.
  • At almost all casinos the players are not allowed to touch the cards with two hands.
  • Do not argue and never accuse the dealer if your cards are not very good.
  • Ask the dealer in case you do not know some of the casino rules.
  • Do not accuse the casino employee of cheating and never ask what card he has in hole.
  • Do not talk much at the table, remember that it is not very polite because it can disturb the play.
  • If you use the blackjack basic strategy chart at the game, do not refer to it all the time.
  • If you do not like anything at the blackjack table or consider that the dealer is not competent just move to another table.


  • Don't forget to exchange chips for money when you leave the roulete table at as you will not be able to receive your win at any other spot.
  • In case you are not going to play but wish to watch the play, do not take the free table seats because they are for players only.
  • The players are forbidden to make bets after the croupier cries 'No more bets'.
  • The players are forbidden to touch the chips on the betting area or sweep away the winnings from the table by their own.
  • If you want to tip the dealer, put the chips aside the bet to let him notice that those chips are not for placing bet.


  • If you want to change money with chips, do not hand cash to the dealer as he is forbidden to take cash directly from the gambler. You must place the money on the craps table and then ask to change.
  • Do not touch the chips on the craps table and always keep your hands away from the betting layout in order not to disturb the play.
  • Use the rails for the chips and small shelves for drinks and do not put them on the table.
  • Try to be polite and never cry out at the table.
  • Not all bets can be made by the player at the craps game that is why you need to ask the dealer to make some bets for you.


  • Do not gamble at many slot machines in case you cannot watch them all.
  • Gamble only at one slot machine in case the gambling hall is overcrowded and there are many gamblers willing to play slots.
  • If you need to get away from the slot machine for several minutes and wish to show other players that you are still playing, put the coin cup on the seat.
  • If somebody has forgotten the card in the slots machine, put it on the top on the machine.
  • Smoke at the casino only where it is allowed.